“…the unique, the complex, the extraordinary and irreplaceable Diana, whose beauty, both internal and external, will never be extinguished from our minds.” She is forever queen of our hearts. Royal(ties)
“…the unique, the complex, the extraordinary and irreplaceable Diana, whose beauty, both internal and external, will never be extinguished from our minds.” She is forever queen of our hearts. Royal(ties)

Diana’s Gowns

Diana’s Gowns

Red Chiffon dress embroidered in a tartan design in silver Lamé. Designed by Bruce Oldfield. Among the places that the Princess wore this dress were a film premiere in 1985 (left) and at Claridges in London to attend a banquet held by the ruler of the United Arab Emirates in July 1989 (right).

Black Taffeta dress designed by Elizabeth and David Emanuel. Diana wore this dress to a black-tie event at Goldsmith’s Hall in March 1981 after the news of her engagement to Prince Charles, marking her first official public event. This dress caused a slight controversy because of it’s plunging neckline.

One shoulder turquoise evening gown designed by Emanuel. Diana wore this in Melbourne, Australia at a ball in the Southern Cross Hotel on October 31, 1985. She paired the gown with a diamond and emerald choker given to her by the queen as a wedding gift—but she made the choker a headband. It is believed that she did this because she had sunburn on the back of her neck and didn’t want the choker to aggravate it. Whatever the reason, Diana made a statement in both the dress and headband.  

Called the Thailand Ball Gown, this fuchsia and purple chiffon dress was designed by Catherine Walker specifically for Diana’s Thailand Tour. The colors are a tribute to the country. Diana wore this in 1988 on her Thailand Tour and once more a year later in 1989. This was one of the many dresses in Christie’s Auction in 1997. (This is also one of my personal favorites that Diana wore).

A baby pink strapless taffeta dress decorated with blue flowers designed by Catherine Walker. Diana wore this gown to a state visit to Melbourne in 1988 and danced the famous “dance in Oz” with Charles (right). She also wore this to the premiere of Crocodile Dundee in 1991 (left).

Light blue off the shoulder evening gown. Diana wore this to the premiere of Ghandi in London in December 1982 just six months after the birth of her first son, Prince William. She also wore this to the Royal Variety performance in London in November 1984.

Pale-blue chiffon ball gown with matching stole designed by Catherine Walker. This dress, inspired by Grace Kelly, is a strapless bodice with draped and tucked silk. It was worn by Diana to the Cannes Film Festival in 1987 and also to the 1989 London opening of Miss Saigon. The gown was one of many in the famous Christie’s auction in 1997.

Dubbed “The Elvis Dress,” this high collar pearl-encrusted bolero was actually inspired by Elizabethan ruffs and designed by Catherine Walker.  The gown is made of silk and oyster pearls. Diana wore this dress on a trip to Hong Kong in 1989 and also for a formal portrait (right) in 1990. This gown was included in Christie’s auction in 1997.

Monochrome evening gown (black & white) with a striped side bow. Designed by her wedding dress designers, David and Elizabeth Emanuel. Diana wore this gown to a party during the royal tour of Saudi Arabia in November 1986. This is one of my personal favorites.

Floor length embellished lace gown. Diana wore this when she attended the Nina Hyde Centre Gala benefit in Washington, DC in 1996.

Strapless ball gown with black velvet and a red taffeta skirt in a flamenco style. Designed by Murry Arbeid. Diana accessorized this dress with one red glove, one black glove and also with a Maltese cross brooch made by Butler and Wilson. Diana wore this dress on many occasions, but not always with the brooch. This gown was among those in the Christie’s auction in 1997.

Figure hugging, off the shoulder ruched mini dress designed by Christina Stambolian. Diana wore this to the Serpentine Gallery in June 1994, the same night that Charles was interviewed by Johnathan Dimbleby on UK television admitting to adultery. Because of that, this dress became known as the revenge dress. The next morning, rather than being devoted to Charles infidelity, the front page of nearly every paper was devoted to the “glowing, confident 32-year-old Diana.” One of my favorite Diana moments for sure.

A long dinner dress with tailcoat in burgundy velvet designed by Catherine Walker. A Bouton Renaud silk velvet topcoat is worn on top of a full length, strapless silk velvet gown. Such a design was inspired by men’s dress of the early 19th century. The topcoat is embroidered with with flowers and leaves in gold thread and pearls on the front and back. Diana wore this to her state visit to Korea in 1992 and also to the film premiere of Steel Magnolia’s in 1990.   

This floor length, off the shoulder, light pink gown was designed by Catherine Walker. Diana wore this to a visit to Berlin in 1987 and also the following year to greet the President of Turkey. It was one of the dresses included in the ‘97 Christie’s Auction in NYC.

Designed for Diana by Jacques Azagury. Ballerina-length dress with black velvet bodice embroidered with blue stars. The skirt is drop waist made with a double layer of royal blue organza. Diana wore this to The Mayor’s Dinner in Florence, Italy in 1985 while on a royal tour. This gown was among the ones in the 1997 Christie’s Auction.

One shoulder white columnar dress embroidered from top to bottom with crystals and translucent glass beads. By Japanese designer Hachi. This was considered to be Diana’s first sophisticated, “grown-up” dress because she previously favored more “princess” looking dresses. Diana first wore this at a gala in Melbourne, Australia in 1983. She wore this gown many times after that gala, to the premiere of “Octopussy” in 1983 and “License to Kill” as well as in Washington, DC in 1995. She also wore this during the photo shoot with Mario Testino a few months before her death (right). This gown was among the many in the 1997 Christie’s Auction.

Off the shoulder midnight blue velvet gown designed by Victor Edelstein. Diana famously wore this dress when she danced with John Travolta at a state dinner at the White House in 1985. She also danced with President Ronald Reagan at the dinner. This dress recently sold for $800,000 at an auction in Toronto this past June 2011.

Low-cut, short, beaded silk georgette gown designed by Jacques Azagury. It was said that Diana was drawn to this dress because it set off her blue eyes. She wore this dress to the ballet performance of “Swan Lake” in June 1997. This was Diana’s last official engagement before her death. She paired the dress with a stunning diamond and pearl necklace made, with her input, by Garrard.

One shoulder white sari inspired chiffon dress trimmed along the top with pearlised sequins and beads. Designed by Gina Fratini. Diana wore this on a few occasions, one of them to a ballet in Rio De Janiro. I really love this gown.

One shoulder ivory crepe gown with pink sequins and embroidered with gold thread. Designed by Catherine Walker. Diana wore this during a state visit to Brazil in 1991.

Long strapless, midnight blue gown. The skirt is made of tulle and lined with purple silk. The entire gown is decorated with daimant stars. Designed by Murray Arbeid. Diana first wore this gown to a party given by King Constantine of the Hellenes at Claridges in London in 1986. She also wore this to the Royal Opera House in London the following year, December 1987. This gown was again worn in an official royal portrait later on. Diana once paired this midnight blue gown with long, fuchsia gloves. The gown was a part of the Christie’s auction in 1997.

Silver, shimmering gown with an exposed back designed by Bruce Oldfield. Diana wore this gown in March 1985 for a fashion show gala to aid Dr. Barnado’s Charity, which she was president of. Because of the wide shoulders of this gown and a few others, Diana soon received the nickname “Dynasty Di.”

One shoulder asymmetric black and red floral print gown designed by Catherine Walker. Diana wore this gown to a dinner at the British Embassy in Paris during an official visit to France in November 1988. This is one of my favorite gowns of Diana’s.

White silk chiffon evening dress printed in an Edwardian style of white on white. This gown has a high V-neck and long, sheer sleeves. It is also decorated with pink glass beads, simulated pearls, and silver and pearlized sequins. Accented with a white satin belt. This intricate gown was designed by Zandra Rhodes. Diana wore this gown to a Birthright Benefit at the London Palladium. This gown was a part of the 1997 Christie’s Auction in New York.

White silk crepe dinner dress with a knotted detailed bodice that creates a cap sleeve. Designed by Catherine Walker. This dress was originally made for Diana to wear to a royal banquet for the King and Queen of Malaysia in 1993. Diana wore this gown most famously seen here in the 1997 Mario Testino photo shoot.

Red off the shoulder gown designed by Victor Edelstein. Diana wore this to a gala in Washington, DC in 1990.

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